“SQUAREMOONS Financial Solution is a financial document conversion and composition platform with regulatory compliant document comparison and integrity validation, designed for the specialist requirements in the Financial Print Industry.”

Overcome competitive demands

  • Speed of processing and turn-around ⇨ Data Conversion, Correction Cycles, Composition
  • Flexibility to adapt and change ⇨ Adapt to new inputs, style requirements and the unexpected
  • Accuracy & Compliance ⇨ Absolute accuracy of composition and comparative submission regulations
  • Specialist Financial Typesetting ⇨ Complex composition functionality easily controlled

Conversion and pre-processing

  • Fast conversion of Microsoft Word documents into a format that is effective for structuring the output data and handling for internal workflow and typesetting.
  • An environment to edit, author and structure the supplied converted data while maintaining data model integrity and validity.
  • The flexibility of what can be brought out from the source Word document into the converted output.

Composition and document life-cycle

  • Easy to use purpose-designed data model.
  • Full manual WYSIWYG typesetting control with semi-automated processes from within the typesetting API, while maintaining the potential of full black box automation and cloud-based solutions.
  • Flexible and easy to use desktop typesetting environment with an intuitive stylesheet and/or data-driven style and layout controls.
  • Accurate blacklining (strikethrough/red-lining/change tracking) at multiple proof cycle levels.
  • Split & Sub of large documents during composition and/or proofing stages to increase load balancing and faster turn-around times.
  • Rendering of UKLA/STBL and German/BaFin regulatory compliant comparison proofs at any stage between any cycle/proof levels.

Document comparison and compliance

  • Validation of the data ensures mark-up compliance at all stages of initial conversion through to typesetting.
  • A comparison configuration set-up to ensure flexibility of threshold controls and highly intuitive comparison algorithms enables it to deliver UKLA/STBL and German/BaFin regulatory compliant comparisons.
  • Real-time generated user mark-up/tag set documentation and error handling GUI integrated into the validation process.

Outputs & Pipelines

  • PDF
  • MS Word (Readback)
  • Edgar 2/XBRL/XML options


The technology stack used in SQUAREMOONS Financial comprises of both new custom-made software’s based on the latest Java and .Net, combined with tried and tested platforms and technologies into a cohesive suite that can be customised for specific customers and their requirements.

Each of the main core components is integrated for an effective workflow and licensing model, but can also work standalone or in conjunction with other 3rd party systems.

Complete service

As developers of some components and value-added resellers of others, we can offer you the full package of consultancy, software, tailoring and development services, training and support whatever the size or complexity of your requirement.

If you would like more information on SQUAREMOONS Financial Solutions, its extended capabilities and feature set, please contact us for more information and to arrange an online demonstration.