CE Comparison & Validation Engine

The Comparison and Validation Engine is a very highly capable solution workflow component with a main principal purpose to validate and accurately compare two different data files (<tagged> mark-up non-XML) returning a compared version. Developed for (but not restricted to) clients who need to file with the Financial Reporting Regulators.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • More comparatively accurate and financial document-centric than common XML comparison tools & MS Word compare.
  • Flexible and configurable for existing bespoke tag sets or new custom tag sets.
  • Validates (non-XML) tagged data, elements, attributes, attribute values and element usage contexts at all stages of preparation and production.
  • Compares data streams and produces comparison output for browser output or typeset composition processing.
  • Highly configurable controls including threshold limits to cater for different customer comparison output requirements.
  • Unicode and multi-language handling.
  • Nested table handling.
  • Works alongside a customers’ existing Blacklining (revision marking) and composition solution.
  • Delivers a highly flexible and scalable comparative solution for <element> delimited data streams (non-XML) of any size or complexity.
  • In-built Java development module so it does not impact on any older or newer versions of Java that maybe incumbent in the workflow.
  • In-built XML export function to go from non-XML tagged data to CE XML with XSLT options to transform it to your existing Schema.
  • In-built HTML output function for easy to view comparisons through a Web Browser to review all changes, inserts, and deletes.

Prior implementations have been integrated with APP (Advanced Print Publisher), however, BatonCE is easily configurable to work alongside other pagination/composition systems too as a standalone software product.

The Comparison and Validation Engine has already been implemented into 3 major London Financial printing and service companies.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, request a demonstration and trial.