BatonCE (.docx) Utility and Editor

Baton is a fast and effective MS Word document processing tool which can extract data and embedded content from any MS Word (.docx) document in a matter of seconds into clean and structured tag formats, which can then be validated against an embedded validation engine. There are many configuration options on how the source content components should be extracted and transformed.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Converts documents and extract content and embedded object in a matter of seconds.
  • Simple drag and drop GUI or command line option.
  • Based on the latest .Net technology.
  • Default setup converts to our .gtd tagged data format (a non-XML typesetting centric tag set).
  • One click transformation into our structurally rich CE XML format.
  • Regex, XSLT, and Perl post-processing output customisation options.
  • Many configuration options for cleaning, standardizing and enriching outputs from multiple mixed typeset MS Word documents.
  • Ability to optionally bring through Word styles.
  • Integrated with Comparison and Validation Engine for post-transform tag set validation and document comparison options.
  • Available in 3 different versions to best suit your needs: Core, Pro, and Financial.
  • Scalable and customizable docx solution to fit into many Typesetting environments and workflow.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, request a demonstration and trial.