High-level Feature Table BatonCE
BatonCE conversion and editing
Word conversion to tagged typesetting GTD
Word conversion to CE XML
Conversion options and config settings
Tag editor (all editing functions)
GTD tag set reference documentation
BatonCE validation and comparison
GTD tag validation reporting
GTD validation node finder
GTD HTML browser rendered compare output
GTD Validation and Comparison config editor UI
Default global settings UI for enhanced CE XML propagation
Print ready composed comparison output
(requires APP and Financial CompLib)
Data post-processing
Regular expression single shot
Perl scripting
XSLT processing of XML output
Additional output conversion options
Tag to Word
Tag to EDGAR 2
Tag to XBRL
Arbortext APP Financial CompLib
(requires Arbortext APP Desktop license)
Document desktop composition library
Typographic and object style configuration editing
Multilevel blacklining management
Document subbing workflow and custom toolset
Advanced financial table handling toolset
MS Word feed format output for readback
Manual and automated options

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